Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Film Makers of ‘Documenting the Legends’ Section Meet the Press

‘Documenting the Legends of IFFI 2016’, is a package of seven documentaries on some of the greatest legends in world cinema. The Producer of ‘S for Stanley’,   Federica Paniccia and the Director of ‘Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond’  Pierre Filmon, met the press in Goa today.
 “S is for Stanley” explores the friendship between legendary film maker Stanley Kubrick and his personal driver Emilio D’ Alessandro, an Italian immigrant who went from being a unknown London taxi driver and aspiring Formula  One  Racer to Kubrick’s chauffeur for nearly 30 years. Federica Paniccia, the Producer of the film described her film as a showcase of strong friendship and devotion between two persons whose personalities are very different from each other yet it lasts for a lifetime. She said that the documentary is a touching story and is probably the first film ever made about a Director’s personal assistant. Through this film, she has portrayed the side of veteran director Stanley Kubrick, which has remained unknown to the world. The Producer further added that Stanley was a person who liked to be behind the camera, rather than being in front of it.
While responding to a question, Federica said that she loves Indian Cinema, especially for its music and energy. The Indian films have a positive message which spells bounds the audience with a deep impact.
The Director of the documentary ‘Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond’, Pierre Filmon, said that it is his first visit to India and feels honoured that his film is being screened at the 47th IFFI. The film explores the life and artistry of one of the virtuoso founding fathers of contemporary cinematography, the Hungarian born neo-realist, Vilmos Zsigmond. The Director said his film is about the craft, genius and the man himself. He further said that he wanted to portray the simplicity and generosity of one of the best cinematographers in history, hence made this documentary.
He believes that it is not his, but their (Pierre and Vilmos ) documentary, and Vilmos himself helped him shoot, when requested. Furthermore, this documentary is the declaration of his love towards cinema. He took pride in making this documentary, as through the film, Vilmos Zsigmond, will always be alive on the screen.


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